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A little romance-related distraction Empty A little romance-related distraction

Post by Nick Romero on Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:48 pm

"I'm so excited" hits the speakers and Titantron comes alive with blue lightning showing Nick Romero's moves and crowd interactions. Nick himself comes out to a loud cheer from a crowd and quickly enters the ring. He readjusts his British title on the shoulder. Soon the music fades and Nick picks up a microphone.

Nick: My dear N-R-junkies, how are you doing tonight?

Crowd responds with a thunderous cheer.

Nick: You never let me down! Not when I was fighting for this title not when I'm defending it. You are always there for me - be it hell or high water. And I applaud you, guys!

Nick sincerely claps his hands.

Nick: Tonight I'm gonna need your support when Eagle Hatori steps in this ring for our bout but before that there's one other thing I need you help with. For the past two weeks Victoria has been giving me a cold shoulder. Like antarctica cold. And it has progressed to a point she no longer responds to my texts or voicemail.

Crows sighs

Nick: I know! So, knowing how well she like the UCW universe, I was thinking, maybe you, my N-R-junkies, could help me get here in the ring so I could finally settle our minor dispute and be ready for Hatori. What do you say, shall we call Vic to the ring?

Crowd goes "YES!" and then starts chanting "Vic, come out! Vic, come out!"

Nick joins the crowd: Vic, come out! Vic, come out.

Victoria Stone enters the ramp with a seriously disappointed look on her face. She doesn't proceed to the ring but instead addresses Nick from the entrance ramp.

Victoria: Well, Nick, I'm here - what do you want from me?

Nick: Thank you, Vic! Since you don't tell me why you're mad at me, I had to get some help. Victoria, in front of these amazing people, could you please tell me - why don't you answer my texts or calls or those naughty messages I sent to you?

Victoria: Oh my God, Nick, how thick can you be? You really don't get it, do you?

Nick: What is it, Vic? C'mon, tell me what have I done this time to irate you?

Victoria: Nick, you compared me to a wild bull on live television!

Nick: What? When? Do you mean my speech before the match with Angelok?

Victoria: That's the one. Can you imagine how embarrassing it is if your boyfriend calls you a wild animal while tens of thousands are present and millions more watching live feed at their homes.

Nick: Oh, come on, Vic, that was just a bad expression, I never meant to...

Victoria: Save it, Nick! You embarrassed me. And you didn't even deem it worthy your precious time to apologize to me. What's the point of having a boyfriend who doesn't even show you proper respect?

Nick: No, Victoria, that was just a mouth-fart, you know how these happen. Have you never mis-spoken on live TV?

Victoria looks even more furious.

Nick: Can't we just put this behind us? I would love to have a good luck kiss from you. I'm gonna need it tonight.

Victoria: Well, you can kiss mouth-farting bulls if you want, you'll get nothing from me. And if you don't start showing respect, you'll end up alone.

Victoria turns around and leaves the ramp

Nick: Vic? Vic? But how about my good luck?

Eagle Hatori's music hits and Eagle enters the arena.

(either open for Eagle, or simply start the match)

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