The British Champion (open for Angelok)

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The British Champion (open for Angelok) Empty The British Champion (open for Angelok)

Post by Nick Romero on Wed Sep 20, 2017 2:00 pm

"I'm so excited" by Pointer sisters start to play And hopping on one leg the British Champion Nick Romero jumps out on the entrance ramp. He stands with feet at shoulder's width and raises his title belt high above the head to a great pop from the crowd.

Jesse Ventura: Here he is - the first ever UCW British Champion...

Alexander Adams: ...Or also known as the Triple E battery - the Extremely Energetic Entertainer...

Jesse: ...And if the rumors backstage are correct, also know as Victoria Stone's new boyfriend.

When the chorus of the entrance song start with the words "I'm so excited, I just can't hide it..." Nick starts to run towards the ring and slides in the ring. Inside the ring he raises the belt once more, again receiving a loud cheer from the crowd. Nick straps the belt around his waist and takes a microphone. The music fades out.

Nick Romero: What's up N-R-junkieeeeeees??!!!

The crowd cheers "N-R! N-R! N-R!"

Nick: Your British champion is here in the house and he's (bursts out in a song) SOOOOOO EXCIIIIITED, AND HE JUST CAN'T HIIIIIIDE IT!!!

Alexander: Wow, the champ has a nice voice.

Nick: I mean really, the title is always a grand prize to hold but in this case I'd say it's extremely important. You all saw very well how costly this title was. I got locked in a fridge, dropped my basal temperature. Can you imagine - your Triple E Battery was out of Energy!! That has never happened to me before. Being so cold that shivering prohibits you from entering the ring with grace and speed. Instead I climbed into this squared circle shaking and looking for the warmest rope to hold on to. I felt like those doggies in the movie "Eight below", left in the cold to freeze or fight.

He takes a moment

Nick: What do you do with a worn-out battery?

Jesse: You throw it out?

Nick: You recharge it. And that is exactly what YOU did, UCW Universe and all the N-R-junkies around the world!

The crowd cheers again.

Jesse: He knows how to work the crowd, doesn't he?

Alexander: Absolutely, Even mid-match he will spend time to boost them up. He invests in them and they pay him back with cheers, support and action figure sales.

Nick: And the rest of the story is a classic, good old-fashioned fairytale ending. The boy barely escapes submission hold by a maniac, the boy kicks the rich guy in the chest so hard it cuts him, the boy pins the rich guy, the boy wins the title... (he pauses for a moment)... the boy gets the girl after the match...

The crowd is catcalling and cooing at the same time.

Jesse: Told ya!

Nick: Yes, Vic and Nick are lovers on a stick... Or something better that rhymes with Vic and Nick! Victoria Stone is dating The N.R.!

Crowd chants "Vic and Nick! Vic and Nick!"

Nick: For so many of my contrymen 9/11 will forever be a date of tragedy and despair, but thanks to you all, for me september 11 has been the best day of my life so far. And herein lies my next question. When you get everything you have ever wanted - fame, N-R-junkie support, British title, the most amazing girl in the world - when all your dreams come true, what do you do next? As we all learned from Hollow's hollow victory, it's just the first step to reach your dream. Holding on to that, that's a completely different thing, the next level kind of stuff. Like my relationship with Vic - she's great but that woman is brimstone and fire. It's like riding a wild bull.

Alexander: Did he just compare Victoria to a wild bull?

Jesse: I think he meant it's a rough relationship but I'm sure she won't like it either way.

Nick: But I want to ride that bull. And sure as the fact that electrons are charged particles I want to ride this British title reign. As your British champion I will defend this title every time I step in the ring, this is my promise to you. And through my fights and your support and the extremely high levels of energy we produce together we will imbue this belt with glory that no other title will ever meet. Are you with me N-R-junkies?

Crowd chants "YES!"

Nick: Will you help me raise the prestige of British championship to heights unknown?

Crowd chants "YES!"

Nick: And will you keep buying my action figures

A vague yes comes from parts of the crowd.

Nick: Oh well, as my buddy Fritz used to say after he broke his leg trying to reach top shelf magazines in a supermarket - you can't get everything. I will start my title reign with my first title defense. At it will be as promised against a man with honorable reputation - Angelok, are you ready???

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The British Champion (open for Angelok) Empty Re: The British Champion (open for Angelok)

Post by Nick Romero on Wed Sep 20, 2017 2:01 pm

I will format it a bit later, OK?

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The British Champion (open for Angelok) Empty Re: The British Champion (open for Angelok)

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:44 am

OCC: I've written a response that might play into a later storyline for you Nick. Not sure Angelok was going to rply in time.

The Theme Demi Gods by Lab Rats begins to play out around the arena. At the top of the ramp we see Angelok appear holding a microphone. He can be seen applauding, sarcastically.

Alexander Adams: Look’s like Angelok is going to have something to say about this!

Jesse Ventura: They usually do these days, hopefully they will just hurry it along so we can get to the action.

Angelok: Come on everyone...let’s give the N-R -Gizer a big hand!

Some sections of the crowd begin to Boo.

Angelok: No i mean it...honestly! Let’s all give him a hand. I mean he’s got it all, the looks, the talk, the girl and now even the British Championship! What a swell guy, right…WRONG!

Crowd boo loudly.

Angelok: Oh come on you stupid idiots! This guy is cleaner than clean! He’s the golden boy, the ultimate babyface...but is anyone really that good? Not in my experience...everyone has a dark side and maybe not tonight….maybe not next week...but sometime soon it will be shown. No one can keep the mask up forever, sooner or later it does slip and when it does I’ll be ready and waiting to tell you all, just how right i was! But in the meantime, i might not be able to take your girl, i might not be able take your spot as the ultimate fan favourite but tonight i WILL TAKE YOUR TITLE!

Alexander Adams: Big statement from Angelok, questioning the legitimacy of Romero’s whole that’s got to hurt Jesse.

Jesse Ventura: Angelok is only saying what everyone else is thinking...the guy is just too damn nice...i don't trust anyone that nice.

Alexander Adams: You don’t trust anyone period.

Jesse: let’s get to the match.
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The British Champion (open for Angelok) Empty Re: The British Champion (open for Angelok)

Post by Soul Breaker on Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:38 pm

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The British Champion (open for Angelok) Empty Re: The British Champion (open for Angelok)

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