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We're almost here.. Empty We're almost here..

Post by Speedy.Gonzales on Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:11 pm

The Camera turns on focusing on what seems  seems to be a locker room, but it was extren. It turns to reveal two of the three hooded wrestlers are seen kneeing down in front of a torch. Suddenly Speedy walks in with another one of the Hooded Man.

Suddenly the Hooded man with Speedy begins to speak.

Hooded Wreslter 2: We jist came back from the meeting with Head of Talent relations and we will be on Impact..

Speedy: Its almost time.. Almost time we come and grace UCW with our debut.

Hooded man 1: I am disappointed within management.. Putting us on the minor show..

Hooded Man 3: Who do they think we are?!

Speedy Gonzales: We will not let that one obsticale distract us from our main objective. After all they showed there true colors to us. Exposing how they really feel.

Hooded Wrestler 1: Which is?

Hooded Wrestler 2: Fear... That is exactly what was shown. They didn't want us on the main roster, because they fear our future domination.

Speedy: You're missing something. They fear us for far much more then our future Dominance.. for the simple fact they knew that was impending since we came back... The face the messenger gave us had much more then just fear. It had desperation. Do you know why?

Hooded Wrestler 3: No.

Speedy: Because at this moment they are trying to find a way to contain us. They realized we have more power then first anticipated and im not talking about our overall strength. I'm talking about the push from the locker room. After a few weeks and it already smells like home.

Hooded Wrestler 3: Stinky Cheese?

Speedy: Ugh.. Anyways..Darn... You made me forgot what i was going to say... Well there is one thing i know i didn't mention. No matter what we we are placed on. Both the crowds of Velocity and Impact will chant our names.

the camera fades.


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We're almost here.. Empty Re: We're almost here..

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:34 pm

Added...watch right till the end Wink
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