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Post by Rogue Monk on Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:04 pm

I'll give you a template that you can use to plan a storyline for an entire season (or more!) making this template is optional but it can help you give structure to your stories and allows everyone to know what to expect from you in the upcoming shows.


Name: The road of the Champion
A name helps since it gives everyone a general idea about the story you are about to tell.

Summary: Rogue Monk, is now the Heavyweight Champion and the face of the new show called Impact and as to the whole UCW universe, he won the belt after a planned complot of Adam Cox. So he now has to prove he can retain the belt on his own. The entire UCW Velocity roster is trying to bring down and he has to decide if he is going to fight alone or continue under Cox wing. Monk master will appear to guide him at the end he will lose the title.

Involved Wrestlers:
Rogue Monk
Hank Harris
Yseris or Rhanogar (week 2)
Cox (NPC)
Regal (NPC)

VERY important to point out who will take part of this storyline with you. Remember to put "(i)" if you are talking about an inactive wrestler (meaning that YOU will write for him) and "(NPC)" if you are talking about a non-playable character (also meaning that YOU will write for him). Also, if the NPC is new, post an image of it so a card can be made.
Finally, check that some wrestlers will not be used during the entire storyline, but before or after a PPV or a specific show.

Now to the sweet stuff. Week by week, your wrestler and the rest of the characters will appear in the show. Organize the content so GM and VGMs know what to expect from you in each show.

Week One

1- Rogue Monk: talks with Adam in his office about what their next steps should be
2- Rogue Monk: Is presented by Zeta in front of the live audience as the face of Impact.

No need for matches.

This way the GM and VGMs know that I will be writing 2 segments and who will be involved.

Week 2

Rogue Monk: Alone on his locker room talking with his master on the phone, he has doubts about the path he should follow.

Rogue Monk: Goes out and talks to the public breaks relationships with Cox

After match: Cox appears and tells Monk he is nothing with out him

Rogue Monk defends the title he must win with help of Yseris or Rhanogar.

I'm asking for specific outcomes for the matches. That's VERY important because I need them to keep my storyline going.

And so on

I hope you found this helpful.

Rogue Monk

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