Week 5 (Season 1) - "As The All Seeing Eye Watches" Pt. 1, 2 & 3

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Week 5 (Season 1) - "As The All Seeing Eye Watches" Pt. 1, 2 & 3 Empty Week 5 (Season 1) - "As The All Seeing Eye Watches" Pt. 1, 2 & 3

Post by Johnny Reynolds on Thu Aug 31, 2017 7:39 pm

The show opens to a shot from center of the entrance stage as it returns from the commercials. Flames burst from edge of the stage as the concord crowd erupts in excitement. Slowly, the camera begins to move down the ramp and towards the ring. Turning to the left and then right, the camera scans the crowd, zooming in on various signs held throughout the sea of bodies.

Changing views to inside the ring, the camera circles, taking in the entire crowd as they break into chanting.

"U-C-W!! ... U-C-W!! ... U-C-W!!"

The fans are suddenly interrupted as the lights of the arena go off, leaving everywhere into complete darkness. We can hear a voice chuckling as everyone looks to the other next to him and her in confusion.

Voice: Honestly, I could waste my time coming out to the ring and introduce myself to y'all, but I'd rather just show you.

Once again, the voice can be heard chuckling as all the lights return back to normal. The camera fixates on the announcers booth below before zooming in as they can be seen shrugging to each other, curious to find out who was that person who spoke. A couple of minutes passed, and the crowd return back to cheering like nothing happened, as the announcers begin to kick things off.


TIME - 11:20 PM

The 'tron fades in from black as it switches to a previously recorded scene of the professional wrestler Johnny Reynolds in his house, seated on his computer chair. The sound of Johnny's fingers pressing against the buttons of his computer's keyboard filtered through his ears as he typed.

#CENSOR T...h...e   I...l...l...u...m...i...n...a...t...i

Johnny sits back in his computer chair and smirks as he scrolls his finger around on the touch pad until the arrow on his computer screen rested over the 'tweet' box. He presses the button and instantly the message went live on his twitter. As he took a breath, he looks to the side of the lap-top at the double shot on Jack Daniel's resting on the computer desk. Johnny picks the shot glass up and tips it back, dropping the glass back onto the desk. As he stands to his feet, his phone begins ringing. Johnny squints his eyes at the clock on his way, it was hard to make out due to the lights being dimmed.

11:22 PM.

Johnny Reynolds: What the...

Johnny walks over to the night stand next to his bed and answers the cordless phone to his apartment. He wasn't really very welcoming about it either.

Johnny Reynolds: What?

Dax Dillinger: Johnny!

Johnny sat silent for a moment, he could hear the commotion in the background. Johnny knew instantly where, his friend, Dax Dillinger was calling from. Dax owned Dillinger's Pub in downtown Detriot. It wasn't the fanciest of places and it wasn't known to draw in the calmest of crowds.

It was a little hole in the wall pub that almost looked neglected when viewing it from the street, but inside was somewhat decent due to the renovations that Dax was able to do over the years. Throughout the time it had been opening a number of brawls, stabbings, and shootings had taken place in the alley that was beyond the back door. Mainly the rowdiest of Irishmen had occupied the booths and bar stools inside.

Still waiting for a reply, Dax speaks back into the phone in a confused tone as he had thought Johnny hung up on him.

Dax Dillinger: Johnny?

Johnny Reynolds: What's goin' on with you?

Dax Dillinger: You still up?

Johnny Reynolds: Yeah, I'm up. I was actually just about to lay my head to the pillow.

Dax Dillinger: Nah, man. Don't lay your head to the pillow. Toss on some clothes and come to the pub. It's jumping in here tonight. I could really use you over here!

Johnny Reynolds: Alright, I guess I'm on my way to your piece of crap establishment...

Dax Dillinger: It may be a piece of crap as you say, but it brings a hell of a lot of cash in. Listen, are you riding or are you takin' the bus?

Johnny Reynolds: I'm just gonna' take the bus.

Dax Dillinger: You and the damn bus, man, what the hell is it with you? You got a beautiful ZX-6R. Why you still like to take the bus around town most of the time I'll never know...

Johnny Reynolds: Well, the bus got me around when I was younger and wasn't accustomed to having money. It's a complex, you gotta' remember where and what you came from... always.

Dax Dillinger: Alright, just hurry up and get down here.

Johnny hangs up the phone and tosses it on his bed. He shakes his head and then runs his hand down his face, wiping away whatever sleep had began to build up along his eye lashes. Johnny walks over to his closet and opens the door, stepping into the closet. He began a slow glance through his clothes and retrieved a pair of True Religion jeans and a throwback Ben Wallace Piston's Jersey. Johnny changes his clothes and then tosses his dirty ones into the hamper, shutting off the light to the inside of the closet behind him.

Before Johnny made his way to the door, he walks over to the wall and spun the combination in to open the wall-safe. He reached around in there and pulled out a stack of money and began counting off a few hundred bucks before placing it back into the safe. He closed the safe and stuck the money down into his pocket before exiting into the hallway and making his way to the elevator.

TIME - 12:18 AM

As Johnny hopped off the bus, he examined the rough dingy environment that was downtown Detroit. The bus released the air-brakes and pulled off behind him. Johnny brushed his jersey off and looked toward the front door to Dillinger's Pub. He passed a couple drunks on his way in, giving them a nod as he passed.

Johnny opened the door to every clubs typical setting. The smell of spilled brew on the counter tops lingered in the air along with the stale smoke from Cuban cigars and cigarettes that had been burnt throughout the night. His earlobes consumed the drunken babel from the crowd along with the sounds of beer mugs and shot glasses clanging together. His eyes wandered as he slowly panned around getting an over all view of the environment.

When Johnny couldn't see Dax around he began making his way through the crowd of people toward the back area of the Pub. He dodged and weaved free flowing arms with beer bottles and over intoxicated stumbling people. Once he made it to the back, he noticed Dax sitting the the typical corner booth, a booth in which he sits at frequently. Dax was toking a cigar while he counted a decent amount of cash fanned out in his hands. Two women occupied the booth with him.

Johnny took a couple steps toward the booth before Dax noticed him. When he did, Dax folded the stack of money up and placed it back into his pocket, while pulling the cigar from his mouth with the other.

Dax Dillinger: Holy, it's about time you got here. Come on sit down and let's get you a drink.

Johnny proceeded to sit down as he answers back...

Johnny Reynolds: I'll take a brew? Guinness sounds like a good idea..

Dax gave off a nod as he took a draw from his cigar. He looked out into the bar and shot his arm up, signaling in a come over here motion. With that, one of his enforcers approached. Dax exhaled the cigar smoke leaving a stream of smoke lingering below the light of the dim lit booth. He took the cigar from his mouth and began naming off a list of drinks.

As the man walked away and went to fetch the drinks, Dax began to snuff his cigar tip out in the ashtray in front of him. Johnny looked at him as he let off a sigh and placed his elbows on the table.

Dax Dillinger: So, how's everything going? You haven't been stopping through lately.

Johnny Reynolds: Yeah, I've been busy with a everything. I got a lotta' on my plate. I got establishments to run and getting back into the ring hasn't given me any free time lately. It's chaotic and exciting at the same time. I mean, I put in a lot of work to get in the position I'm in so why stop? The sky is never the limit in my eyes.

Dax gave a nod of approval and then looked to his side. His face almost became dumbfounded as he looked back at Reynolds.

Dax Dillinger: Oh, I forgot my manners, why didn't you check me on that one. Johnny these two ladies are Molly and Becca. I just kinda' met them when you said you were coming, I figured we could use some female companions. They said there sisters and I seem to like this one.

Dax looked over at one of the ladies and at this moment the other lady began to look at Johnny with a smile on her face. Johnny real wasn't worried about females, at this point in his life. He had just suffered a traumatic loss when his fiancee recently died during giving birth to his daughter. Johnny had avoided the eye contact at that moment and began scanning around Dillinger's once more. He caught notice of some suspicious looking person that appeared to be watching them.

Johnny kept his eyes upon the strange person, trying to make a judgement call on what to do about it. The man glanced away a couple times to act as if he wasn't monitoring them, but his eyes always returned in the corner booths direction. As Dax was busy blotting about himself, Johnny cut him short with a nod. He then jerked his head in the direction of where the man was standing and reported his suspicion to Dax.

Johnny Reynolds: This guy over there, you know em'?

Dax squinted his eyes and looked in the strange guys direction in noticeable fashion. This kind of spooked the man a bit, causing him to turn his back toward us. Dax looked at Johnny in confusion.

Dax Dillinger: No, he does seem like the pull a gun in the bar and start shooting type right? Was there any bouncers at the door when you came in?

Johnny Reynolds: No, not at all..

Dax Dillinger: Dammit, that fat idiot is fired! That's the second time he did that this week!

Just as Dax finishes his statement, the other Bouncer returns with the drinks and then sorts them out on the top of the table. Johnny grabbed his glass of Guinness and took a gulp as Dax looked at the bouncer.

Dax Dillinger: Do me a favor and cover the door, fat knobhead pulled a Houdini again. While you're at it, you see that strange guy just lurking around like a freaking creeper?

The bouncer looked over peering around the people off in the distance and took notice. He gave a reassuring no to Dax as if to say I see him.

Dax Dillinger: Make sure you get him outta' here, Johnny says he looks suspect.

The bouncer walked away and began to handle business, as he started to approach the man. As he got closer, the man became startled. He lunged an elbow back and caught the bouncer in the nose as he began to take off. He pushed people to the side and knocked people to the ground on his way to the door as the bouncer gave chance.

This caused Johnny and Dax to stand up and pursue them both to see exactly what in the hell was going on. Johnny jostled his way through the people and exited out onto the street looking from left to right in a state of alert. He caught a glimpse of the man and the bouncer cutting through the parked cars a distance to the right of him and bolted in that direction. The chase led Johnny around the corner and into an alleyway. This is where he bumped into the bouncer panting in an exhausted state.

Johnny Reynolds: Where in the hell did he go?

he bouncer shook his head in frustration telling Johnny that the man had gotten away. Taking another deep breath, the bouncer wiped the blood from his nose. Dax came rushing into the alleyway not too shortly after...

Dax Dillinger: Nobody caught him?

Johnny Reynolds: Nah, he got away.

Dax looked up into the sky in disbelief. Johnny approached him and patted him on the back.

Johnny Reynolds: Don't worry about it, he's gone. I doubt he'll come back?

All three men began their walk back toward Dillinger's Pub, as they came out of the alley, Dax took a few steps before kicking something that was laying on the ground accidentally. This caused all three men to look onto the sidewalk and notice a cell phone. Dax leaned down and picked up, swiping at the screen. The phone had been unlocked and there appeared to be a text long on the screen.

Dax scrolled through the message log and then tossed the phone to Johnny...

Dax Dillinger: Check it out!

Johnny looked down at the phone and began to scroll through the messages. When he saw the content, he was shocked at the reveal.

The 'tron fades to black, but before doing so, the text: "Stay Tuned" appears on the screen. Still, the crowd are confused by what has happened.

Jesse Ventura: Still.. what in the world was that?

Alexander Adams: Be patient, Ventura. Speaking of it, we have to switch to the advertisements. Stay tuned everyone!

Fade to black.


The 'tron fades in from black, with sounds of rustling and things bumping radiate in the black screen. A muffled voice constantly talks, but the words are inaudible. After a few more minutes, color fills the screen as a hand is drawn back from the screen, revealing the silent Johnny Reynolds. After taking the time to adjust more things around him, he takes a seat in front of the camera, but an unsure look sits upon his face. Taking the time to think things through, he takes out his phone, now going into a habit of constantly flicking his thumb against the screen. About five minutes pass, before he tosses the phone aside and picks up one of the magazines around him. Upon picking it up though, he looks up at the camera and a look of realization pops up on his face before he readjusts himself in his seat, magazine still in hand. After about another minute of him as he smirks, he begins to address the camera.

Johnny Reynolds: It seems a lotta' people want to try and discredit me. I've heard everything from people saying I'm a jobber all the way down to I don't belong in Four Corner's Wrestling, well, didn't belong in it. Yeah, I left, had a personal vendetta with 4CW and it's owner Perry Wallace, and now I'm fired from it.. pfff, stupid idiots. People tried to -censor- on my reputation and still want to try and overlook my value. All I can say is, the people that put their asses in them seats during Velocity know me. Not only do they know me, but other superstars in the back should know about me. So, people wanna' try and bury what I've done. All I can say is ask about me!

Johnny shakes his head in confidence.

Johnny Reynolds: Ask the people that know me if I'm just another name to be tossed in a hat as filler. Make sure you ask em' about what I can do in in a wrestling ring and on the microphone. I come here like a freaking general I'm so highly decorated. I made a quick statement on the beginning of the show that I wasn't going to talk about myself, my career and all that, so I still won't. All I can say is ask people who know me about me and what I've done throughout my career.

I know the way things go, I gotta' start climbing that ladder to success step after step. I get it, it's understandable. This isn't anything new to me. I love to fight and I love to talk trash. I gotta' go out there and give whoever becomes my opponent an ass-beating, so I'm gonna' do it. They gonna' receive that ass-beating, because they have to, I mean it's wrestling after all and I won't accept to step into the ring with no-named competition, but the management really want their whole roster's career destroyed, so yeah, have to do the job. Everyone in UCW is sort of falling into that old stereotype of 'wrong person, wrong place, wrong time'. I mean pre-show or not, I'm going to beat the brakes off of anyone and everyone. I don't really have any choice when it comes to the business of people tryin' to discredit me in my craft.

Johnny puts his pointer finger up and sways it back and forth as if to say 'no way, not in my NEW home!'

Johnny Reynolds: Like it or not, that's exactly what this is. Much like any craft, everyone takes it and then perfect it to their own liking, It's the only source of robbery that isn't illegal. People have been in this business long before me. People will continue to be in this business when I leave. I know.. but this craft is passed along, we learn it from the ones before us and hi-jacking it in a sense. I'm superior in what I do. When I hit the stage, I'm high-octane. I get live with these people that watch sports entertainment. They're gonna' love to see Johnny Reynolds one hundred percent of the time, because I'm explosive and charismatic. What does anyone from the current UCW roster have to offer then?

Now, before whoever faces me let his panties all knotted up and begin pacing around in the back looking like someone who just sucked on a salt flavored ice-pop, don't take this as a jab. Hell. I would have expect you to have some type of fight. I'm just tellin' them all in the back that however hard they fight isn't gonna' matter. I talk in whatever way to damn much to take an L in my debut! They all got a better chance at losing weight from doing The Perry Wallace Workout Plan, yes, my former General Manager's workout plan. They have a far better chance at finding a, well you know, in an abortion clinic than winning a fight against Johnny freakin' Reynolds. Do you know what that means?

Johnny measures out a distance between his pointer finger and his thumb on one hand about the size of a nat, directing it in front of him.

Johnny Reynolds: You got about this much of a chance...

At Velocity, I'm coming to make an impact in yet another company that is filled with, what you call, 'talent'. At Velocity, I'm gonna' turn doubters into believers. I've never had a problem getting things done. All my life I was told I would never amount to nothing more then a fat pile of steaming dog crap. Them same people that said that are now the ones that taste that dog crap they spoke about in their mouth every single time they see me on T.V. They said I didn't have the skills to pay the bills, now I'm living in a classy ass loft in Detroit. I'm what you would really call a Cinderella story. I didn't start in wrestling. Before I wrestled I was an amateur boxer. That basically means if I can't out wrestle anyone, I can sure as hell knock that idiot the hell out!

In the end, I can see people don't learn until they get laid out. That's not a problem for me at all. People may have been in wrestling, or only UCW, since the start and already built a reputation for themselves. Well, there's a new lion roaming around the lions den. I plan on turning Universal Championship Wrestling into my home and nothings going to stop me on the long hard road that's ahead. No matter who is in my, no matter what is in my way. I started wrestling to leave a legacy behind and that's exactly what I'm gonna' do!

All anybody can do is live with it. Welcome to the Johnny Reynolds Nation!!

He laughs to himself as he does the two-finger salute before stopping the recording.

Fade to black.
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Week 5 (Season 1) - "As The All Seeing Eye Watches" Pt. 1, 2 & 3 Empty Re: Week 5 (Season 1) - "As The All Seeing Eye Watches" Pt. 1, 2 & 3

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:25 pm

Great stuff!! So this will be three separate RP's right?
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Week 5 (Season 1) - "As The All Seeing Eye Watches" Pt. 1, 2 & 3 Empty Re: Week 5 (Season 1) - "As The All Seeing Eye Watches" Pt. 1, 2 & 3

Post by Johnny Reynolds on Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:38 pm

Hank The Tank Harris wrote:Great stuff!! So this will be three separate RP's right?
Yep! The first part for example could be put in the first part of the show, the second part in the middle, and the last one after/before the closing segment. Just insert it wherever you would think fits. Smile
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Week 5 (Season 1) - "As The All Seeing Eye Watches" Pt. 1, 2 & 3 Empty Re: Week 5 (Season 1) - "As The All Seeing Eye Watches" Pt. 1, 2 & 3

Post by Hank The Tank Harris on Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:40 pm

Will do Very Happy
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Week 5 (Season 1) - "As The All Seeing Eye Watches" Pt. 1, 2 & 3 Empty Re: Week 5 (Season 1) - "As The All Seeing Eye Watches" Pt. 1, 2 & 3

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