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Post by King of Wolves on Wed Aug 30, 2017 12:01 pm

We catch up with King of Wolves who has been quiet since he faced Lucifer Morgan in a First Blood match, which turned horrible.
Victoria Stone once again has the pleasure of talking with King of Wolves.

King of Wolves: Do you ever ask yourself Victoria why I allow you to interview me instead of Gene?
I mean he is a legend and your, well your you.
But that is why I like you.
You see like me we are learning and growing, and we hunger to improve and become what Gene is long ago a Legend.
Unfortunately now Gene like some others in UCW, are past legends.
They are has been's, not like us young bucks.
Once again I fight for gold.
BRASS KNUCKLES CHAMPIONSHIP | Lucifer Morgan VS King Of Wolves!!!
Gold fit for a King.
I am taking on a Beast, who is aligned with a beauty.
Some would simply say two beasts.
Maybe it is the time I unleash my pack of Wolves!!

Victoria Stone: Are you saying you have allies here in UCW?
Who are they?
Where are they?

King of Wolves smirks at the camera and Victoria before replying

King of Wolves: They watch me fight every time I step out into the arena.
They are with me in spirit.
No doubt I will bleed but this time it is LAST Blood, not first to bleed.
I am ready, willing and able to win by any means necessary.
Maybe the Wolves will cheer or jeer but as long as they are with me, I will win
Next time you interview me Victoria, I will be Champion and Morgan will be in a hospital bed, if they can find one big enough for him.

King of Wolves walks away as the scene fades out.
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PPV Title Match  Empty Re: PPV Title Match

Post by Soul Breaker on Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:37 pm

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